Friday, March 3, 2017

Joan Leotta - Poetess, Author, Storyteller - is on deck!

I am in California next week for the very last planned Mariposa Storytelling Festival in California.

I will not be in the blogging seat as I will be spending the weekend with some fabulous performers. If you are in the area, come on out and celebrate this experience! The Mariposa Festival is turning off the mic and lowering the lights after 30 glorious years.....

While I am out, Joan Leotta, an author, poetess, and teller of tales will be sitting in the blogging seat! 

When I asked for a bio and quick pick info about this very published lady, this is what she wanted everyone to know.....

You will have a hard time finding many videos of her performances because she is a Luddite about recording. However, you can find many examples of her writing on her blog, on FB or on Amazon. 

If you message her through her blog she will send you a pdf of the referenced article on the differing uses of written and spoken word. 

If you sign up for her newsletter (coming soon) by sending a note in the comment section of the blog with your email, you will be given opportunities to win prizes including school and book club appearances. 

Check out her body of work at Joan Leotta, Author and Story Performer on FB at or at

Rosa And The Red Apron - Check it out!

A collection of short stories from history to fiction

Simply a Smile is a collection of short stories that includes historical fiction, romances, mysteries and stories about families. What each tale has in common is that each was inspired by a piece of art or a simple object such a shell, a recipe, and even an historical marker. These stories are meant to be simple reading pleasures that will leave you, the reader, with a smile.

If you are interested in writing, finding out how a prolific writer thinks about writing, or just want to spend a little time wandering through the thoughts of someone who spends her days submerged in words...then this is the place to be next week!

Happy Telling!

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