Thursday, June 18, 2015


I have not blogged in a few weeks.  This is not because I have nothing to say, but because sometimes life catches up with me, and no matter how fast I run, there is nothing I can do.

First, my eldest graduated from high school.


This was cause for much celebration and lots of family descending on my humble home.

It also involved massive amounts of grilling, baking and cleaning.

I serve my tres leches cake with strawberries.

This has been the focus of life for a bit.

Then, my daughter started a three week program at her boarding school.
This is the book stack for one of her three classes over the next three weeks.

I hope she manages to get some sleep.

At this moment I am sitting in Nebraska where I am currently in the process of teaching a four hour workshop every day with some wonderful teens and preteens, as well as performing most mornings, and gearing up for an eight hour workshop on Saturday with adults, some of whom might be tellers, and others of whom aren't.  This is the second part of the Moonshell festival.  You do the festival in the fall, and then you teach in the summer institute.

So, I expect I will be back in the blogging chair next week.  I have some fun upcoming topics, including some great guest bloggers who've agreed to give me a little breather this summer so I can get further into the whole summer reading thing.

So, thanks for being patient!

Happy Telling!