Thursday, April 20, 2017

Stone Soup Festival - April 21 - 23rd 2017!

Once, three soldiers were coming back from the war.

They stopped in a small town. The people in the little village were quite selfish. They saw these soldiers and they came out of their homes and told them to move along because there was nothing at all to eat in the whole village.

The soldiers called all of the people to the village square and told them that they felt bad that the entire village was starving so they would make food for them.

The villagers were interested.

The soldiers dug a small pit in the ground, put wood in it and asked for a large cauldron filled with water. They lit a fire under the huge pot.

"When we didn't have enough to eat," said one of the soldiers, "our lieutenant would make stone soup."

One of the soldiers produced a large stone and dropped it into the pot. The people were very excited. They watched the water boil.

"Stone soup is delicious, but it would be better with some carrots."

"I might have some carrots," said one woman.

As she went to get the carrots another person offered potatoes.

Well, you know how this story goes. Everyone thought of something they could add to the soup, and soon a delicious fragrance filled the square.

Everyone brought bowls, and they ate until every soul was satisfied and every stomach was full.

The soldiers left after being given warm beds for the night, and an ample breakfast in payment for the delicious meal they'd prepared the night before.

As they moved away from the town they searched around until they found another large stone.

This weekend, Woodruff, SC will host the Stone Soup Festival.

Each teller will bring a little something to the feast, and hopefully, by Sunday night, every soul will be amply filled.

See you this weekend!

Happy Telling -