Friday, July 12, 2019

National Storytelling Summit Twelve Days And Counting!

Chocolate Martini - She'll be there!
Carrie Sue Ayvar will be there too
Priscilla Howe is going to teach us about writing

National Storytelling Summit Is almost here!

It is almost here! It is almost time. We are California bound.

It is almost time for sitting around and talking about storytelling over Chocolate Martinis.

It is time to see people you haven't seen since the last conference.

It is time to meet the people you are only on Facebook with.

It is time to make new storytelling acquaintances and check-in with old ones. 

Most importantly....It is time to learn from some wonderful tellers.

I'm going to get a chance to take a Master Class with Charlotte Blake Alston on Thursday the 25th. 

Carrie Sue Ayvar is going to spill the beans on working with the tiniest audience members.  

Priscilla Howe is going to talk about using storytelling to teach writing. Ever wondered about that? Come and see!

I'm going to be there too!

Hope to see you there!


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