Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Artist Meat Market

There are parts of my job that I love, and parts I absolutely despise.  Well, of course that's true, otherwise it wouldn't be a job.  The parts I love outnumber the parts I loathe.  Well, of course that's true as well, or I would be doing something else.  Showcasing is not one of my favorite bits of this life I've chosen.

The above clip is not from a showcase.  It is from an appearance I did at the Florida Storytelling Festival.  It is, however, an example of the kind of thing I do at showcase.  I get seven minutes, and in that seven minutes I tell two minute sections of three stories.  I leave, and then some other artist gets up and does seven minutes of something.  Sometimes the set can be as long as fifteen minutes.  Either way it is a merry-go-round experience for the buyers and a headache for the artists.

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I try to keep the number of showcases I do each year down to about three.  More than three, and I become decidedly grumpy.

I do the showcase in Raleigh, NC called United Arts every year.  That was weekend before last.

This year I did Center East in Skokie, Il.  I only do that one every other year. That was last Wednesday.

I will be doing the S.T.E.A.M showcase in Charlotte, NC this year for the first time.  That one is happening on Saturday.

I might be doing the South Carolina summer reading showcase for the first time...provided they invite me.  That one happens at the end of the month.

Hmmm.  That's more than three.

Well, that explains it.

I'll do an update about the Charlotte Showcase on Sunday.

Happy Marketing!

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