Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Moose Stew and Cheese Toast with Partridge Berry Jam


So, I was watching this serial killer movie called Suspect Zero on Netflix when I got a call from the front desk of my small hotel.
“Ms. Washington?”
“Herb Brown is here to see you.”
I thought I was supposed to be at some event that slipped my mind.  I went to the lobby to find a gentleman in his late sixties, early seventies standing in the lobby.
“Hi!  I heard you on the radio this morning.  Wondering if you’d like to come and see my art gallery.”
I said, “Sure.”  Went back in the room, changed, went with this total stranger in his truck with no more information than that.

I spent the remainder of the morning and early afternoon in Birches Gallery with Herb Brown, the proprietor, who knows lots about the people both native and immigrant in the Happy Valley Goose Bay area of Labrador, Canada.


I learned about Sedna, the maiden who married a shaman without realizing it.  When she tried to hide from her new husband in her father’s boat, a wind came up threatening to capsize the craft and drown both father and son as well as Sedna.  They pitched the girl into the river.  She held on to the side of the boat and they cut off her fingers.  She fell into the water and became a seal.  Her fingers became all of the fish that the people eat to survive.  She is mother of all the food of the rivers that sustain the people.


I learned what an ‘Inukshuk’ was and will be on the look out for them for the rest of my stay in Canada. 
The art was fascinating.  The company was wonderful. 

He served me moose stew with garden carrots and potatoes, wild rice and stewed Moose.  I told him I’d never had Partridge Berries and he produced some Partridge Berry jam, which I ate with cheese toast.

The art was fascinating.  The company was wonderful. 
He dropped me back at the hotel and informed me he was looking forward to the show. 

Best adventure after throwing caution to the wind and following a stranger whilst in the midst of watching a serial killer move ever!

Oh!  I've decided to write a children's book entitled Moose Stew and Partridge Berry Jam.  What's it about?  I have no idea, but that is the title!

Happy Adventuring!


  1. Wonderful story and Canadian adventure! Looking forward to that "Moose Stew and Partridge Berry Jam" book, even if you haven't written the first word yet. With a title like that, it's got to be a winner. :)

    Yr sista storyteller from NABS,
    Linda Cousins-Newton

    1. Linda, thanks for stopping by the blog. I'm not always up for adventure, but when I decide to have one, I just throw caution to the wind. So far so good!

  2. Another sista storyteller from SCMarch 17, 2014 at 5:53 PM

    How wonderful and how encouraging -- meeting people and being spontaneous can be fun and safe and I am always happy to affirm the greatness of all people. I am so glad you were able to trust your self and trust another person and have a great time to boot. Thanks for sharing the marvelous story of Sedna... wishing you the best with the book.... BTW I met you at the Charleston Tells Storytelling Festival in Charleston, SC last year... absolutely lllooooovvvveeeeedddd your story about the exploding frog. You are an amazing storyteller! Cora Newcomb

  3. Adventures are always just around the corner. Sometimes I am brave enough to have them. Thanks for sharing this one with me, Cora!