Saturday, January 25, 2014

Family Time….Build Your Relationships On Stories

I don't plan to do a great deal of posting links to other blogs on my blog, but I just read a piece that speaks to storytelling in families.  This piece is about something called 'deep listening', a process where you just sit with what the other person is saying to you, hold onto it and let it sink in to your thoughts before you talk about yourself.

This is a piece about how we elicit the stories that drive our relationships.  It is about knowing how to reach for those stories so that the person you are talking to can tell them.  It is about the deeper act of sharing the 'how' and 'what' of a person's personal narrative.

Building relationships that last requires us to become part of each other's stories.  Raising children who will talk to you beyond the third grade requires learning how to ask questions and elicit the stories that make up their lives.

For those of us on the practicum side of storytelling:  The questions Glennon Melton poses to get information from her friends and family would be a great template on which to build a storytelling exercise while teaching people about crafting effective personal narratives.

Learning to ask personal, universal questions would be a great jumping off point for personal narrative practitioners.

Happy Telling!

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