Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Seven Days To Go: The National Storytelling Summit Is Coming

Time is a ticking on by, everybody!

The summit is on the horizon!

Seven more days to go!

Online registration is closed...but don't worry. You can still sign up in person.

There is so much going on there you will be sad to miss it.

There is so much good crammed into this conference I am not sure how this schedule can hold all of it! I'll prove it.

Heather Forest.

That's right. I'll say it again.

Heather Forest.

Liz Nichols
She's an author, musician, and storyteller who will be talking about storytelling and composition.

Liz Nichols is also going to be there. She's going to be talking about using storytelling in museum galleries.

One of my favorite powerhouse teams is also going to be there.

Milbre Burch and Gay Ducey. I'd go see those two women do anything. The fact that will be talking about being an effective MC? Well, that's going to be a thing not to miss!

Tell it, Gay!

Sara Beth Nelson

We've also got Sean Buvala giving an intensive called "How to be a medium fish in a small pond."  I'm guessing this is about making a living within your local market...I could be wrong though. You'll have to come and see!

Then there is the wonderful Sara Beth Nelson talking about telling challenging stories.

Nirajana Ela Bajeree
There are some names on the list I know nothing of, but the research I have done on who they are makes me excited to learn more about them. Take Nirajana Ela Banjeree for instance. She will be talking about storytelling and social justice! Her background makes her an amazing spokesperson! Check out her link above.

The more I look at the list of tellers strutting their stiff this year, the more excited I am that I will be there!

Michael McCarty
Antonio Rocha
Priscilla Howe
Jennifer Munro

Here is one of my favorite Jennifer Munro tales!

There is more!

Beth Ohlsson
Rachel Harrington
Cici Woo who founded "Chew On This Storytelling"

Oh, that's just Friday! I didn't even run down the performances!

Could you bear to be anywhere else?

I certainly can't!

See you there!


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