Friday, May 5, 2017

Eatin' in St. Louie! - A Gluten Free Journey

I am gluten free.

This is not because I wish to be gluten free.

This is not because I am on some kind of fad diet.

I am gluten free because here, 49 years into my life, I've discovered I am allergic to it.


I miss the days when I could eat all the gluten I liked.

Anything with wheat, rye, barley and a host of other things that contain gluten are now verboten.

You might wonder, "How does a traveling storyteller deal with being gluten free?"

Good Question.

The Answer:

Best as I can!

So, while I was here in St. Louis at the Parkway Hotel, I called around and found two amazing gluten free restaurants.

On Thursday we ate at the Wild Flower.

For starters...They have a wonderful, delicious, extensive Gluten Free Menu!

I started with the Lobster Bisque. Oh my, gluten free lobster bisque. In fact, all of their soups are gluten free.

I had the Shepherd's Pie for my main meal!

Lamb braised for five hours with root vegetables on a bed of mashed potatoes.

It was divine.

I finished it off with a fabulous piece of gluten-free flourless chocolate cake.

Do not settle for some restaurant that does not think to offer we gluten free Americans nothing but some ice cream. There is a whole world where you can get the good stuff! The food is divine. You will, however, get what you pay for. A bit of an upscale eating experience...well worth it!

Tonight, Friday, May 6, 2017, we went to the BBQ Saloon which is right across the street from Wild Flower. We went in for a slightly less pricey dinner.

I was too busy eating my bunless burger with garlic greenbeans to get a pic with the pork!

David ordered the pulled pork nachos. He looked to be in heaven as he savored every bite. Alas, my gluten-free readers, we cannot have this incredibly scrumptious dish because the BBQ sauce used for this meal is not gluten free and neither are the chips....

But, have no fear, for this restaurant also offers exceptionally yummy gluten free eats.

I began my meal with the most scrumptious gluten-free cornbread. They have a BBQ sauce that is gluten free...Carolina BBQ sauce and I slathered it on the cornbread. Heaven!

The bunless burger was excellent, and the garlic green beans....there are no words lovely enough for those fresh spears, that excellent crunch, and the fresh garlic...Get to this place and get some grub!

Almost everything on their menu is gluten free with a few exceptions.

They have a big smoker on the sidewalk where they smoke the meats. My friend, Kevin Kulp, would be envious. It makes the whole area smell, if you love a good bar-b-que you could just wander around in a circle and be just fine.

I believe intoxicating is the word I seek!

Every part of the cow is used, I'm certain.

These are the seats!

You ever get to St. Louis...I highly recommend both of these delicious places....especially for us gluten intolerant folks!!!

Happy Eating

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