Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Mike Lockett Is On Deck!

Dr. Mike Lockett has been sharing stories with audiences for over forty years.

He lives in Normal, Illinois, and because of that, he is called the Normal Storyteller.

Dr. Lockett has worked in every single facet of education you can imagine. He's done everything from office work to principal.

His life has been spent in education.

These days he travels all over the United States and Asia performing for intergenerational audiences.

He uses stories to entertain and inspire.

Dr. Lockett is also an author.

This is his book entitled The Basics of Storytelling.

It is in Mandarin.

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Hickory Dickory Dock

The Normal Storyteller has received over twenty-four awards for his recordings and books.

Here he is telling an original piece called "Teddy Bear, Teddy"

He also writes his own blog which you can check out here!

He'll be in the blogging seat next week with a traditional tale about facing your fears.

Happy Telling!

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