Friday, July 24, 2015

Kansas City, Mo Bound!

Practicing my speech, working on getting my pieces for Race Bridges under ten minutes.

One Week from today I will be giving the opening Key Note at the National Storytelling Network Conference.

After that, I will return to my regular schedule of posting things on this site.


Happy Conferencing!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Reading

Time For Summer Reading!

The libraries in out of the way places!

The excited, overworked, underpaid librarians.

The children.

The parents.

Telling to two people.

Telling to one hundred fifty people.

Getting lost in strange places.

Two hundred miles on the car in one day.

Kids who are so into the tales they laugh, jump, and talk to the characters.

Kids who sit completely silently, stare at you for forty five minutes and never saying anything.

Adults who take phone calls in the middle of your set.

Adults who have conversations, but tell their children to be quiet.

Two year olds at sets that are clearly marked five years old and up.

Great librarians.

Excited readers.

Kids announcing they are going to go find that book in the library.

Kids asking if I will come back every week.

Adults announcing they've never had such a good time at the library.

Librarians laughing with their patrons.

Teenagers pretending they are not actually watching, but watching anyway.

Elders telling me they haven't heard a good story told in a long time, and they were happy.

Grandmothers dragging their grandchildren to a show, and then being forced to drag them away afterwards because they want more stories.

Kids pitching a fit when a parent tries to make them leave early.

Kids arriving for the last story and asking if I will just stay and tell one more.

Adults demanding to know how come they didn't know about the show as they stand right next to a giant flier with the date, time, and a huge image of me.

Summer Day Care Groups.

Discovering new things about old stories.

Amazing Questions.

Interesting Answers.

Adults who assure me they had more fun than the children.

People telling me stories after hearing my stories.

Summer Reading.  Always an adventure.