Thursday, June 26, 2014

July 17th - Michael McCarty - More Than just a Storyteller

More Than 'Just A Storyteller'

"Have Mouth Will Run It"

What on earth do you say about a fellow whose slogan is, "Have mouth will run it"?  Lots, actually.  Michael McCarty is a dear friend and an amazing person.  On my recent trip to Argentina I found out that the DreamOn staff refers to him as, 'God'.

He was once a Black Panther.  He is still an educator,  motivator, acupuncturist, life enthusiast, and unparalleled performer.  He can make anything seem like a good idea if he says it the right way.

His entry, More than 'Just a Storyteller', explores how storytelling transforms the lives of the people who share it.  His piece, like himself, is both moving and powerful.

This is one of his personal pieces called 'Vindication'  It is a heart rending account of our history in America.

Happy Telling!

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