Monday, May 19, 2014

I Blame Susan O'halloran: Great Gifts From Friends

Back in my tender years of storytelling, I met a fabulous teller who works with cultural diversity.  Susan O'halloran, who I first knew as 'Soup', is brilliant, beautiful, wicked smart and extremely talented.  She currently facilitates an amazing online storytelling festival called Stories Connect Us All.  Head over to this page and watch some of the wonderful work she has collected.  She continues to be both an inspiration and mentor for me as well as many, many others.  Happily, she is also a friend.

A couple of years ago we were at the Timpanogos Storytelling Conference together.  We were staying with the Folkmans.

One morning, Sue asked me if I blogged.  I told her I did not.  She began explaining how it was not such a difficult thing and I should do it.  I countered that I doubted I could keep a blog going, and besides, what did I have to write about anyway?

Thus began my descent into madness.

I didn't find out this could become a part time job until I was too far committed to turn back!

Not long ago, this blog recorded its 10,000th individual hit.  For blogs which get thousands of folks everyday, I know that isn't much, but it blew my mind.

I try to get something out at least once a week, but when my travel schedule gets hectic...forget it!  I can't write about much of anything and my brain is decidedly numb.

So, to prevent this space going dark for a few months, as it did last summer, and partially has over the last month, I contacted a number of excellent storytellers and authors and asked if they would be willing to do some guest blogging entries for me.

The response I got was great!  The guest entries will start appearing as early as the first week of June.

I don't know what each entry will be about as I wanted each person to write about something important to them.

As soon as I work out who is going to be featured and when, I will put out a schedule.  Thanks to everyone who has stopped by the blog, and thanks to all the performers and writers who have agreed to write a piece for this space!

I hope you enjoy the summer series.

So, thank you, Sue O'halloran, for beginning the conversation that led me to this place.  I do enjoy the work, and I enjoy being able to share and correspond with performers, teachers and parents all across the globe.  Despite the fact that I can't always get to this space in a timely manner, it was worth doing, and worth continuing!

Happy Telling!

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