Monday, July 1, 2013

Round up July 1, 2013

Well, it has been almost a month since the last time I got around to posting in this space, and, as usual, my brain just wouldn't allow it.

I have a number of fascinations that keep me from my blogging duties.  They include science, politics and family.  When all of those things hit me at once, blogging is impossible

I will not go through all of the various political things going on in NC or Texas or in the Supreme Court.  This is not a space for that, though I am beginning to think I need a space for that.  So, since I haven't been in touch lately, I thought I'd do a quick round up of the stuff that comes through my email box.

First up, I want to give a huge shout out  to Mark Goldman.  He is a fantastic source for all sorts of info about storytelling in his neck of the woods, tips, ideas about working with kids and fun.  Not only that, he offers coaching.  If you want a great resource, click his name above and sign up for his newsletter.  He gets one out on a regular basis.

The Montgomery County School System in Maryland is now taking orders for the catalogue they send to schools.  They also are in the process of auditioning artists if anyone cares to check it out.

The North Carolina Arts Council is forever keeping us informed of various events both live and virtual to get us ready for the school year.  Here are the most recent.,

TEACHING ARTIST HANDBOOK: Tools, Techniques and Ideas to Help any Artist Teach.
Written by and for teaching artists and arts educators this book can be used as a complete guide to developing one's own teaching practice, and also as a reference or professional development text that covers  wide range of questions and issues of teaching artist work.
The book is available now through University of Chicago Press.  Special offer: 40% discount ($11.97 per copy) to staff and artists affiliated with state arts agencies, and to agencies that wish to purchase copies of the book for their teaching artists through August 30, 2013.You can purchase the book directly here: To obtain the 40% discount enter this discount code at checkout:  [TEACHING13] This code is good through Aug. 30, 2013. To place a bulk order with a purchase order, or if you require an invoice please contact Lauren Salas at the University of Chicago Press,

Check out how Marlon Torres adapted seven categories of analytical questions in order to “have them in my bones, sort of speak.” 

Check out this short interview with Chuck Close, painter, on NPR, talking about how he survived school by learning through the arts:

This NPR interview speaks to the need to measure creativity and its importance in learning:

Sheila Kay Adams got it going on!  Congratulations!!!!

The National Endowment for the Arts named Sheila a recipient of the National Heritage Fellowship, recognizing her artistic excellence and contributions to our nation's traditional arts heritage. I am so proud of my long time friend!  And I am delighted that honoring Sheila Kay also shines the light on Appalachian culture and storytelling.

Connie Regan-Blake sends out a lovely newsletter to fill everyone in on what's going down in her world.  it is lovely and something worth reading and perusing.  If you would like to receive, Story Windows, go to her facebook page and leave her a message.  She sent info about Hawk And Ivy, and posted a wonderful video

Elizabeth Ellis sent out her newsletter, which tells you how to reach her and what she's up to, but most importantly, her new book From Plot To Narrative came out and it is just waiting for you to snag a copy.

The NSN conference in Richmond, Va is fast approaching and I will need someone else's eyes and ears since I won't be able to go this year.  

So, there's the round up.  Now, I will go on trying to post other stuff!

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